rene adamos

Rene Adamos is a street/portrait photographer based in New York City. His work shows scenes of what most take as mundane and ordinary, unnoticed, only realized as beautiful when seen through the means of a photograph. With the technical skills he acquired from graduating at New York Film Academy’s Photography Program at NYC, he tries to bring in and merge all these techniques with Documentary film-making. He is a Filipino-American, born and raised in the Philippines. A Combat Veteran of multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, his past experiences led him to see the world in a very different way, frame by frame.

"Being a part of a moment is one thing, capturing the beauty and the emotions felt is another. Preserving experiences and interactions with total strangers through photographs gives photography a whole different feel. I started photography while I was based is Seoul, South Korea. Wandering those streets, fascinated by the people and the scenes that play out unnoticed by anyone else."


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